Our mission is to empower all children to see themselves as connected, creative, strong people with the ability to go anywhere. Be anything.

About Us

Studies show that strong relationships and the ability to connect emotionally are key to happiness, health and even career success. Yet toys that encourage friendship and empathy are largely marketed to girls - sending the message to many boys that this kind of play is not for them. Until now...

Wonder Crew brings the power of friendship into the world of boys' play.

Our buddies combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal.

Included with each doll is a child-sized matching-piece of adventure gear. When children suit up along side their buddy, this not only adds to the crew-like vibe, but also deepens the imaginative play experience.

Inspired by boys but truly meant for any child, Wonder Crew builds emotional intelligence, imagination, confidence, and is 100% fun!

Wonder Crew is for the kind, cool and creative child - that’s what it takes to live our motto: “Go anywhere. Be anything”.

More buddies and adventures to come!


Wonder Crew ExplorerWonder Crew Super Hero

Founder and CEO

Wonder Crew was founded by Laurel Wider, a psychotherapist and mom, who was shocked when her son came home from preschool one day and announced that “boys aren’t supposed to cry." Frustrated by many of the messages boys were (and weren't) receiving from the “blue aisle” and inspired by the way play influences child development, Laurel created Wonder Crew to encourage kids to be their full selves. Questions for Laurel? laurel@wondercrew.com

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