6 things I Learned about Boys, Dolls and Nurturing

Published on Scary Mommy   Background:  When my preschool son told me that “boys don’t cry” three years ago, my heart sank. I remember thinking to myself: “we live in a progressive town, we talk endlessly about feelings at home and I’m a therapist for goodness sake – how did this happen?”  Then came a light bulb moment. If kids learn through play, where are the toys that encourage boys to express feelings? They didn’t exist and their absence was sending the message to many boys that this type of play or this way of being wasn’t for them.  Fast forward:...

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New Adventures plus International Shipping!

We're thrilled to announce our new adventures: Dino Explorer, Dream and Chef -- available now for pre-order at!  While you're on our website, be sure to check out the new Wonder Crew video... spoiler alert: there's a sneak peek at who's coming next at the very end.  To our friends overseas: thank you for your patience, we're now able to offer international shipping on pre-order items!  Woohoo! 

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