More than just a doll

We've heard so many powerful stories about the magic of Wonder Crew.  Kids see Wonder Crew dolls as friends to take care of, lean on and share adventures with -- both real and imaginative. Thank you Lori. C for sharing your story.  

Hi Wonder Crew! I had to share this story with you...My middle son Carter was born with a heart condition which has made him undergo five surgeries in the first year of his life (one being open heart surgery.) Over the year our family was separated and his older brother Declan was at home with dad and I would be at the hospital with Carter. For Christmas we got the boys the wonder crew dolls so they could be together in spirit through the dolls. I share with you pictures from the day they got the dolls as well as pictures from one of Carter’s surgery days. When my husband picked up my older son Declan from school he saw waiting in Declan’s book bag the Wonder Crew doll. By bringing the doll to school it was Declan’s way of sharing with the class what a hero his brother was on that day undergoing yet another surgery. Luckily, this all happened last year. Carter is doing great and will have a few more procedures ahead of him but for now we are all enjoying being home together, including the dolls!  I want to thank you for bringing our family together at times when we needed it most.