Real Superhero

What does it take to be a real superhero?  Kindness, courage and perseverance.  

Meet Michael, he's the first kid to receive our Wonder Crew Award of Courage!
Michael's mom explained that, "he was having a really hard time in school. Then in October he got sick. He had a rare condition called Kawasaki disease. Michael was in and out of the hospital and had multiple trips to the ER. This was all over his birthday. As his physical recovery progressed, his anxiety, SPD and OCD worsened. He couldn’t return to school. He couldn’t wear clothes. He had nightmares. He was sad and angry. Then for Christmas he received a Wonder Crew doll. He fell in love. He named him Billy Joe (after his favorite rockstar from Green Day). He wants to pretend play all the time. He treats him like a real child. And for the first time since the hospital, he is wearing all his clothes from socks and shoes to boxers shorts. Believe me, this is a big deal. He returns to school next week."

Go Michael!! #RealSuperhero