Wonder Crew goes to the Bentonville Film Festival

This month we participated in the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF)!

BFF is a one of a kind annual event which champions women and diversity in all aspects of entertainment media. Films, panels and events focused on BFF's core values: Diversity, Inclusion, Gender Equality and Representation.

It was such an honor participating in discussions with BFF co-founder Geena Davis along with fellow change maker companies like:  Coca-Cola, Mars, Walmart, Roominate, Unilever and more!

Geena Davis explains, "If they can see it, they can be it" - toys and media can create a positive social impact by continuously striving to include and empower all kids regardless of gender, race, ability and more. What does this mean for Wonder Crew? We're off to a great start AND we have a lot more ground to cover!  

Feeling inspired.