Wonder Crew has Expanded + Target!

It's been a while since our last post, we've been BUSY.  We're now back and beyond thrilled to share some very BIG NEWS!  We've expanded our line in efforts to resonate with more kids thanks to our new partnership with PlayMonster.   

Wonder Crew has been such an exciting adventure, from Kickstarter to the White House and into the hands of so many children.  I'll still be actively involved, but PlayMonster will be taking over customer service and email communication.

AND drum roll please:  Wonder Crew is now available at Target!  
FYI: If you don't see Wonder Crew on the shelf, be sure to ask a store manager for help as some of the stores are still in the process of stocking their new toys.

A couple of years ago I was told that dolls for boys would never work, that this was at best a niche market - together we changed this stereotype.  Thank you to all of our early customers who supported us and believed in our mission!  

In typical Wonder Crew spirit, we'll continue to empower kids to go anywhere and be anything.

Cheers to a super 2017 and stay tuned for more exciting announcements!